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IUD Clinics

Our clinic is offering dedicated IUD clinics each month with the goal of improving patient access to this very reliable and safe method of contraception.

Our patient information handout contains answers to many of the most frequently asked questions patients have about IUD types and the insertion process.

We are accepting referral for both IUD counselling and insertions. The most efficient process for patients is to decide on which IUD they would like with their GP and get a prescription for it. They can then fill the prescription and bring their IUD for insertion at their appointment. If they have more questions or are undecided about their IUD we are happy to discuss their options with them further and book them for an insertion at a later date.

We have a limited supply of progestin IUDs on site for urgent cases, and we let our patients know that some extended health plans don't reimburse clinic point of sale IUDs. We generally prefer the progestin containing IUDs, but for patients who have a preference or medical indication for copper IUDs we find the insertion device for the Mona Lisa brand IUDs to be most well tolerated. This IUD is also inexpensive and you can get a 3, 5 or 10 year device.

Please ask your family doctor to clearly label referrals as FOR IUD CLINIC.